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January 10th- March 7th

As an active jiu jitsu competitor, your weight is so important. How you move, how you's all so important for your game. I wanted to optimize my training and my eating habits in order to perform better and I luckily found Nattie Boss.

My biggest concern was never being able to get my weight down.

The biggest difference for me/breakthrough was during my first weight cut with Nattie Boss. Not only did we drop the weight, but I learned new ways to fuel my body without sacrificing nutrition or my workout.

I think the most helpful thing about working with Nattie Boss is that she's basically your best friend. She was always checking in with me and always sending positive vibes.

When in doubt, ask Nattie Boss

One of my largest concerns was my mindset and energy because I had almost no self-confidence and was running on Bang energy drinks or coffee almost all day long.

Almost immediately I felt a difference. The second week is where the real work comes in: Eating balanced.

It was at this point I started to feel better by having more energy, relying on coffee a little less, and feeling even just a little more confident because I knew I was making the right choices for my health and performance.

I was even eating MORE than I was eating before.

Every aspect of this was so helpful.

She does this from a holistic viewpoint and analyzes every area of your life to help find what works best for YOU.

With Nattie's support, I began to see results in the first two weeks. Within the first two weeks, I had already lost weight, had more energy and was consuming much more food than previously. 

Apart from losing weight (13lbs), eating nutrient dense and balanced meals and kickin' my coffee addiction (30 oz a day!!!), my biggest breakthrough was my performance. I can roll longer, and harder. I feel lighter on my feet and more fluid in transitioning.

I feel super motivated to go hard and give my personal best when I come to class and I can't wait to transfer that over on competition days.

So, if you're anything like me, ask yourself, "Why not now? If I want this, what am I waiting for?" and then go fill out her application!

You won't regret it!

I have had body dysmorphia issues most of my life and new my nutrition and fueling of my body was sorely lacking. My biggest concern prior to working with Nattie was that my anxiety and body dysmorphia would interfere with the changes I needed to make.

I started to feel a difference around the end of week 2. My ability to focus and steadier levels of energy throughout the day were huge game changers.

Her mindset week was AMAZING and helped so much to start working on changing long held beliefs that are holding me back.

I would say my biggest break through has been the mindset piece because for me it affects everything else I am doing.


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January 10th- March 7th

Do you want to...
- feel lighter, stronger and faster during training?

- increase your energy levels while decreasing your muscle soreness?

- have a deeper, more restful sleep?
- lose weight or build muscle to enhance your game?

- decrease your cravings and late-night binges and create a more balanced eating plan?

- improve your focus and alertness during training and competitions?

- improve your jiu jitsu performance for competitions?

- wake up ready to conquer the world - both on and off the mats?


A graduate of the Performance Blueprint Program:


Want results like Jubi? Apply today to see if you're a good fit for the program!



A graduate of the Performance Blueprint Program:


Want results like Morgan? Fill out an application to see if you're a good fit for the program!


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Apply for Next Class: 
January 10th- March 7th


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